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Tim Stanislav

Tim Stanislav

07 May 2009

Multicultural center on Senate ballot, in the air at UW-River Falls

UW-River Falls students may see a multicultural center on campus in the not-so-distant future. The center would either be a newly constructed building or part of Rodli or Hagestad Halls, former Student Senate Vice President Liz De La Torre said. The center would be an academic and social center with books, computers and other resources […]

23 Apr 2009

New green-friendly City Hall complements River Falls’ sustainability goal

The City of River Falls has recently completed a new green-friendly City Hall. Staff will move in on May 1 and 2 and resume duties the first week of May, according to River Falls Mayor Don Richards. “The new City Hall is a great [boon] for the City and provides a progressive forward-looking image to […]

16 Apr 2009

River Falls Clinic joins forces with hospital, student health services

The River Falls Clinic offers a wide variety of health care services and specialist care to UWRF students and the River Falls Community. “We cover everything from pregnant moms to geriatric and have about 80,000 visits per year,” Samantha Bluhm, marketing director for the Clinic, said. The Clinic is a feeder to the River Falls […]

12 Mar 2009

FEMA approves UWRF for additional emergency shelters and tornado sirens

UW-River Falls has received approval to begin a natural disaster mitigation plan that will provide two storm shelters and a tornado siren on campus The plan was approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and will allow the University to apply for Federal grant money to cover future expenditures, Blake Fry, special assistant to […]

26 Feb 2009

River Falls has rich history, promising future

UW-River Falls students and citizens of River Falls reside, work and attend classes in a city with a vibrant history and progressive future. River Falls was originally called Greenwood—the name was later changed due another town in Wisconsin that was also called Greenwood—and was a prosperous mill town. The city has transformed into a rapidly […]

26 Feb 2009

Struggling economy affects River Falls, area businesses

Like a wounded beast, the U.S. economy is struggling to survive, and local businesses are feeling its death pains. Game Quest, a local video game store and Hotspot Coffee both reported a drop in sales. “It’s definitely hurt. Video games aren’t high on the priority list when you can’t buy food,” Game Quest store manager […]

04 Dec 2008

Oracle Calendar software now available to students, staff

UW-River Falls is promoting a new software program called Oracle Calendar to increase the number of users and improve the system for current users. The program will allow users to upload their schedule online so that others can quickly determine when other users are available and when they have class. The program serves as a […]

23 Oct 2008

UW-River Falls enrollment center awaiting approval

UW-River Falls administration officials are planning to combine the offices of admissions, registrars, financial aid and accounts receivable into one location in Hagestad Hall that would be known as the enrollment services center.  The center will serve to expedite and improve the enrollment process for students, Campus Planner Dale Braun said. The proposal calls for […]

02 Oct 2008

Campus to provide additional resources for bikers

An increase in bicycles on the UW-River Falls campus has caught the attention of the University and has resulted in allocation of funding for new bike facilities. Within six months the University plans to incorporate additional “improved” bike racks for student bikers. Along with the new racks, paths on campus will be widened to improve […]

18 Sep 2008

Degree in alternative education offered

UW–River Falls provides education majors the chance to compliment their bachelor’s with an alternative education major. An alternative education program was approved last year by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, a government organization. The graduate program certifies UWRF students to teach in an alternative education environment. Alternative education offers students an opportunity to learn […]