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November 29, 2022


Light Snow

Jennie Oemig

03 May 2007

Electronic advancements further impact the future of academia

Looking back on the past five weeks of the Expectations in Education series, I can’t help but wonder and attempt to predict what the future of academia holds at this institution. While racking my brain, my definitive assumption was that […]

15 Feb 2007

Reorganization will bring efficiency

A few administrative staff members received title changes and gained more responsibilities this semester as part of the chancellor’s plan to meet the University’s goals and needs. A new position was also created in UW-River Falls’ senior leadership. “The reorganization […]

08 Feb 2007

A masterpiece 132 years in the making

Setting foot onto the main floor of the new University Center for the first time, students may notice the modern architecture as well as the retro-color schemes, the numerous flags from around the globe and wonder if they’re still on […]

08 Feb 2007

Students get ready to party all night long

The second annual All Night Party will be held this Friday in Hunt Arena and Knowles Center beginning at 9:00 p.m., and will continue into the wee hours of Saturday morning. “The All Night Party was originally to try and […]

01 Feb 2007

Building becomes new stomping ground

As students were making the trek back to UW-River Falls on Jan. 21, preparing for the start of a new semester, the doors of the University Center were open for everyone to get their first glimpse of the building. During […]

07 Dec 2006

College life is all fun and video gaming

In a generation when the terms gigabyte, podcast and blog are used in everyday conversation, it is not uncommon to walk into a dorm room and find multiple video game consoles situated among packages of ramen noodles, leftover pizza and empty beer cans.

07 Dec 2006

Students may ponder usage of numerals on timepiece

Walking past the train station clock on campus mall, UW-River Falls students may find themselves questioning the education they received about the use of Roman numerals.

01 Dec 2006

Group projects hinder learning

It finally dawned on me as to what it was I liked so much about high school -- the lack of group projects. At my high school, group projects were rarely ever utilized because they were perceived as an abstract form of cheating.

30 Nov 2006

Senate supports ban on sexual discrimination

The UW-River Falls Student Senate threw support toward the efforts of Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, in drafting a proposal for a state constitutional amendment banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

16 Nov 2006

Agenda focuses on retention

UW-River Falls faculty and administration have put together a Growth Agenda for the campus with the main goal being retention of current students.

Jennie Oemig

Jennie Oemig is a student at UW-River Falls.