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February 5, 2023



Monica Marsh

31 Mar 2021

Remote learning hasn’t dented off-campus housing

Landlords in River Falls say that their properties remain full, despite an increase in remote learning at UW-River Falls amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Although on-campus housing has had a decrease in residents, off-campus housing remains full.

12 Dec 2019

Dairy Pilot Plant renovation nears completion thanks to industry donations

Renovation of the 30-year-old Daily Pilot Plant at UW-River Falls is scheduled to be completed in the spring, thanks in part to more than a half million dollars worth of donations from Greenwood, Wisconsin-based Grassland Dairy Products Inc.

08 May 2019

Potential 'influencers' reject college for a career in social media

From a young age, I can remember spending hours upon hours finding new YouTube channels to binge-watch. I’ve built such a large subscription box and watch some YouTubers so religiously that I forget that they aren’t my friends in real life (kind of sad, I know.) My personal favorite were always makeup tutorials, but since I began watching YouTube and following influencers on social media, it has become an entirely new ball game. What started out as a fun way for people to make videos about essentially anything they wanted has now become a lifestyle and a serious career path for those we refer to as “influencers.”

17 Apr 2019

Best dining options available on campus

It’s no secret to anyone that the foods provided by schools, be it high school or college, do not have the best reputation among most people. We constantly see in movies the grey slop that is slapped onto a plastic lunch tray in a cafeteria. Don’t even get me started on the ever so daunting “freshman fifteen” epidemic that’s included in the many joyous adventures of college. If you’re anything like me, good food is the equivalent to good mood, and good mood is vital to good everything else including grades, performance, you name it.

13 Mar 2019

Have curse words lost their shock value?

It’s easy for me to recall the days in grade school when sticking out your tongue at someone was essentially the equivalent to flipping the bird. This being said, one could conclude that the use of curse words was an absolute abomination in the eyes of a child.

12 Mar 2019

Spring break approaches in River Falls

Spring break at UW-River Falls is closely approaching in the month of March. As students prepare for midterms, they are also getting ready for their days away from academia - whether that be spent abroad, staying in River Falls, or enjoying a relaxing break at home.  

Monica Marsh

Monica Marsh is a student at UW-River Falls.