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December 6, 2023



Spring break approaches in River Falls

March 12, 2019

Spring break at UW-River Falls is closely approaching in the month of March. As students prepare for midterms, they are also getting ready for their days away from academia -- whether that be spent abroad, staying in River Falls, or enjoying a relaxing break at home.  

As can commonly be seen on college-oriented movies and television shows, many students opt for a tropical vacation. This remains true for a number of River Falls students who wish to trade the tundra-like temperatures for a warm spot on a sunny beach.

Freshman Hayley DeSouza said, "I'm going to Puerto Vallarta for the week with some friends and family." While in the warmer climate, DeSouza said. "We plan to go snorkeling and go for a yacht ride with unlimited food, I'm super excited."

On the contrary, some students have decided to save some money and spend time in River Falls or back in their hometowns. Katie Schlueter, a junior majoring in criminology, said, "I'm going to be working full time for most of break, other than that I'll be visiting a friend and spending time with my family."

As a college student, working is a priority for Schlueter, she added, "I'm basically not going anywhere because I don't have the extra money."

Similarly, junior Gavin Bunnell has plans to spend time at home this spring break. Bunnell explained, "I'm going to hang out with my family and some of my old friends, and I've got some work to do with my cows."

UW-River Falls spring break is scheduled to start after midterms, the final day of classes will be March 25, students are expected to be back on campus and ready to start back up on April 1.