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Tyler Liedman

Tyler Liedman

Tyler Liedman is a student at UW-River Falls.

01 May 2008

Honor societies feature more than just academics

As they sit patiently during commencement, waiting for their name to be read, some UWRF students will be sporting more than just a cap and gown. All those cords, pins and insignias are not just for decoration. They signify an achievement, an official academic honor that a student can be proud of.   Many of […]

17 Apr 2008

Seg fees on track to top $1,000 mark

The 2008-2009 school year will mark the first time in UW-River Falls’ history that segregated fees will top $1,000. It may, however, be a milestone many students don’t even notice.   “What exactly do you mean by ‘segregated fees’?” senior John McConville said.   McConville is not alone in his confusion.   “I wish I […]

10 Apr 2008

River Falls man faces charges for May Hall break-in

A pre-trial conference has been set for a River Falls man who allegedly entered May Hall without permission on March 12.   Aaron J Braasch, 32, faces charges of illegal entry into a building and felony bail-jumping. The hearing will take place on April 21.   According to a police report, Braasch entered May Hall […]

03 Apr 2008

D2L looks to find alternatives to old software

D2L has been involved in an ongoing legal battle with its competitor, Blackboard Inc., since July of 2006, when Blackboard announced a patent granted to them for specific elements included in their course management products. On the same day, the company sued D2L for infringement of that patent. In February, a court in Texas ruled […]

03 Apr 2008

Senate supports new advising program

The Student Senate voted to pledge their support Tuesday for a new campus-wide academic advising program. The program will implement a “total intake model” that would use trained, professional academic advisors to advise new students regarding their academic goals, according to a proposal from the Faculty Senate’s Advising Committee. The proposal did not mention a […]

13 Mar 2008

RFPD investigates gas station robbery

Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at the BP Amoco Station on Paulson Road just before 9 p.m. Saturday. According to a police report, two men dressed in black clothing, black stocking caps and bandannas entered the gas station at 8:40 p.m. Anthony Fox, a UWRF student and BP employee, was the only […]

27 Feb 2008

Magellan Exchange new study abroad opportunity

On Feb. 18, The International Programs office and the College of Business and Economics announced a new study abroad opportunity for students: the Magellan Exchange.   Founded in 1996 by Marvin Swanson, the Magellan Exchange is a coalition of 23 universities that provide a variety of international exchange programs with the mission of providing “an […]

21 Feb 2008

Similarities found between book, bill

The fantasy world of witches and wizards created by J.K. Rowling in her best-selling Harry Potter novels may be more realistic than it seems, according to professor Hilary Pollack, who Tuesday discussed her essay, “No Wizard Left Behind,” in the University Center.

14 Feb 2008

UWRF Greeks host blood drive

On Feb. 5, UW-River Falls students, staff and members of the community descended on the University Center with one purpose in mind: saving lives. For five hours on a Tuesday afternoon, the UC Ballroom was host to a blood drive sponsored by the American Red Cross. By the drive’s end, a total 156 units of […]

07 Feb 2008

Car accident to blame for campus, city power outage

‘Twas the night before classes, and the students did shout. The school had gone dark, for the power was out. Around 8 p.m., Jan. 27, as students and staff were settling in and preparing for the beginning of a new semester, the entire UW-River Falls campus lost electricity and, with the exception of some emergency […]