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September 26, 2022



Kayla Donahue

07 Nov 2014

Ask Kayla

My ex-boyfriend and I are "friends with benefits." I recently discovered that he and his ex-girlfriend might be getting back together, or have already gotten back together.

24 Oct 2014

Ask Kayla

I am having a difficult time balancing my workload with school and my friends. What can I do to help relieve some of this stress? --Pulled In All Different Directions

26 Sep 2014

Resident assistant launches advice column

Hello students of UW-River Falls. My name is Kayla Donahue and I am a sophomore here on campus. I live and work in Grimm Hall as a resident assistant, and I am starting a new advice column right here in the Student Voice.

Kayla Donahue

Kayla Donahue is a student at UW-River Falls.