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November 28, 2022



Chris Acker

06 Dec 2007

Students receive assistance for studying abroad

The College of Arts and Sciences offered students stipends to help eliminate some of the costs for participating in the study abroad program. One of the unique opportunities that UW-River Falls offers students is the chance to expand their education […]

06 Dec 2007

The Suite life at UWRF

It is the third year since the opening of the South Fork Suites, which were expected to be the next form of student living convince at UW-River Falls. Since the facility’s opening in the fall of 2005, there has been […]

08 Nov 2007

Career Carnival prepares students

The Career Carnival is a different, and less publicized, event on the UW-River Falls campus. Unlike its Career Fair counterpart, the Career Carnival is a more relaxed event that aims to educate students as well as provide a fun, carnival […]

25 Oct 2007

Family Day continues at UW-River Falls

UW-River Falls is putting on its newly revived Family Day event designed to encourage family fun and involvement with students on campus.

27 Sep 2007

New recycling program provides ease, efficiency

Recycling has become a predominant and efficient part of campus care at UW-River Falls. Gone are the days of separating out cans from bottles, papers from plastics. This semester UWRF has adopted a new form of recycling called single stream […]

20 Sep 2007

Residence halls receive a facelift

Over the summer many upgrades have been made to the residence halls on campus. They are designed to increase comfort and convenience for students staying on campus.  Student Affairs Employee Gregg Heinselman was in charge of overseeing the project. “This […]

03 May 2007

Students make adjustment from home life to college

A major adjustment many college students must make is the transition from a home life with parents and family, to a life of uncertainty and being on their own. There are many new experiences open to the college student. Two […]

05 Feb 2007

E-mail improvements cause problems, outages for users

Slow, annoying, stressful and frustrating are just a few of the words that have been used on campus when talking about the most recent batch of e-mail fiascos. Since the beginning of the spring semester, students have been welcomed back […]

Chris Acker

Chris Acker is a student at UW-River Falls.