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Reagan Responds

Texting, Snapchat not meant for serious conversations

March 14, 2019

Is it bad to have serious conversations over text message or Snapchat?

I think in general it’s a bad idea to have serious conversations over text message. If something serious has happened, or two people need to discuss something important, then it is much better to take the time to call them on the phone or meet them in person. Plus, communication can be misinterpreted over text and instant message. Communication comes across much clearer when the person on the other end can actually hear a human voice. There is less ambiguity when two people are talking on the phone, instead of texting or using apps like Snapchat. Personally, if there was something serious that needed to be discussed with me, I would prefer to be called on the phone. It’s just more effective than instant messaging.

For relationships, I think it’s essential to communicate about important topics through a phone call, and in person would be even better. There is nothing that can top person to person communication. This is especially true in a long-distance situation. Text messaging leaves the door open for too much miscommunication.

Is the Falcons football team going over or under 4.5 wins next season?

The Falcons football team hasn’t won more than four games in a single season in over a decade. With that being said, I believe this is the year that the Falcons will win either six or seven games. They are returning their starting quarterback Ben Beckman and 2019 will be his senior season. As a junior during his 2018 season, he broke the school record for single-game passing yards with 405 in a WIAC game against UW–Platteville.

Beckman has proved to be a solid quarterback in his time with the Falcons. In addition to steady quarterback play, the Falcons have an array of running backs that will help carry the offensive load. The first notable running back is Sam Altena. He’s going into his sophomore year and has already established himself as one of the best players on the team. In the 2018 season opener at home against Minnesota Morris, Altena had 152 rushing yards and three touchdowns on the day. In addition to Altena, Anthony Silva serves as the second part of the Falcon backfield. Silva is going into his junior year and provides a quick burst of speed when Altena isn’t in the game. They will be a dynamic pairing during the 2019 season for the Falcons. This is the season that the Falcons finally break out of their 4-6 mold and make a run at six or seven wins on the year.

Reagan Hoverman is a student at UW-River Falls.