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November 28, 2022



Pakistan dairy delegation visits UW-River Falls

October 23, 2015

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls global reach was showcased recently as the USAID Pakistan Dairy Delegation visited Wisconsin for a conference coordinated by UW-River Falls. In conjunction with the USAID Training for Pakistan (TFP) project, UWRF hosted the International Consortium for Dairy Farm Safety Training Program at its Mann Valley Farm Sept. 27-28.

USAID's TFP project is a four-year project designed to support Pakistan's development priorities on energy, economic growth, agriculture, health, and education. The project provides training to Pakistani professionals who will apply the new knowledge and skills in their fields and among their home institutions. The livestock and dairy sector makes up 56 percent of Pakistan's agriculture sector and contributes 11.8 percent to the GDP, but despite its economic importance, the Pakistani dairy and livestock industry suffers from a host of problems, including a lack of technology and modern farming practices.

USAID's TFP project seeks to address those issues within the Pakistan dairy industry with the World Dairy Expo Tour and Training for Dairy Leaders of Pakistan. UW-River Falls played a key role by coordinating dairy farm safety training for the 17-member Pakistani delegation.

The delegation continued their World Dairy Expo Tour by visiting farms and businesses throughout Wisconsin. For more information on the delegation's visit, contact Carolyn Brady at 715-425-0683 or