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August 13, 2022



UW task force to explore sexual violence

October 2, 2014

UW System President Ray Cross announced the formation of a new UW System Task Force on Sexual Violence and Harassment to strengthen the university’s capacity to protect students from sexual violence and better coordinate system-wide efforts at prevention and outreach.

UW System institutions have had robust and well-publicized policies in place for the effective prevention of and response to sexual misconduct for many years. These policies are enforced by trained and experienced administrators through education and training programs for staff and students. The institutions also offer a wide array of services and resources that underscore the UW’s commitment to protecting and supporting its students, employees and other members of the university community.

Cross has directed the task force to examine current policies and recommend appropriate modifications, as needed. He also directed them to identify best practices in education and training compliance, as well as other measures to ensure an environment that is open, safe and respectful for all students and staff, regardless of their race, gender or socioeconomic status.

Cross has appointed Vicki Washington, Associate Vice President for Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Student Success, and Anne Bilder, Senior System Legal Counsel, to co-chair the task force. The task force has 19 other members with representatives from all 13 four-year campuses plus UW Colleges and UW-Extension. In addition, there are six ex-official representatives from UW System Administration. The task force will meet periodically in the coming months.