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March 22, 2023


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Senate Corner

Senate reflects on positive year

April 11, 2014

Well fellow students, our year is almost up; the elections have come and gone and finals are only weeks away. So to all of you, we wish you good luck and to keep on going, there is only a month left.

This past year has been a good year for the Student Senate and we have accomplished a lot: We restructured our government in order to better serve the student body and to help us operate more smoothly and effectively, we have helped to renovate the involvement center in order to make it more accessible to students and to student organizations and we also did something which all organizations on campus can be happy about, and that is we updated AFAB policies, allowing them to keep providing their wonderful services.

On top of all of that, we just finished with elections and they sure were interesting ones. First, this election was one of the closest victories we have seen and was also one of the largest turnouts that we have ever had. We would like to give our fullest congratulations to our new President Anthony Sumnicht, our new Vice President Shelby Hehr, and our new Secretary Joseph Schmidt. We are sure that all three of you will work hard in the up-coming academic year to make sure that Senate continues to work for the student population.

We would also like to thank all of you who ran and helped to make the election a close and competitive race. Without your attempts at campaigning, our election would not have been as competitive. To our new executives, congratulations and good luck in the future senate.

Nick Vanden Heuvel is a double major in political science and international studies who does school work by day and fights white collar crime by night.