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August 13, 2022




Students encouraged to stay busy during break

December 12, 2013

Finals week is all that stands in the way of another semester being in the books.

Graduation is this week, and we want to first say congratulations and good look to this semesters graduates. We would like to remind graduates that Career Services is still available to all UW-River Falls alumni. These services are free and include individual career counseling, career assessments, Hire-a-Falcon System, on-campus interviewing, online resources, resource room and computer lab, and access to most career service events. Taking advantage of these can be very helpful as students make the transition into the “real world” and should be taken advantage of.

Speaking of careers, J Term provides a great opportunity for graduates to look for their future jobs or internships if they have not began already. Not only graduates, but current students should also take this time to apply for summer jobs and internships.    Some students might use J Term to do nothing but sleep until noon and do nothing all day, but before we know it, second semester will be in full swing and there will be no time for job hunting.

J Term also provides a good time for students to look into applying for scholarships. UWRF offers many scholarships for every major. College is expensive and by just taking minutes out of your J Term you could potentially get some free money thanks to generous supporters of the UWRF campus.

Many of these can be applied for by simply filling out the general scholarship application which takes just minutes to complete. These can be found by simply typing scholarships to the University’s website. After filling out the general application which makes you eligible for many scholarships you can apply for more by usually just taking a  couple more minutes to fill out some supplemental questions.

While catching up on some much needed sleep is necessary for J Term it can get long and is easy to waste away the whole break. Use this break to read a book, or stay caught up caught up in what is going on in the news.

Sometimes college life can put students in a bubble. Knowing what is going on in the world is important so pick up a newspaper, flip on the local news on the television or radio and use your spare time to stay knowledgable.

Most importantly though, before taking our J Term tips into account, do not forget to study for finals. Putting in the time this next week can make or break a students GPA and should be taken seriously. Respect quiet hours in the dorms and be courteous to other students who are studying for this time. Balancing out study habits, staying caught up on sleep and using stress relieving methods will be key this upcoming week.

Good luck on finals, have a great Christmas and J Term. We will see you all next semester!