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November 28, 2022




As semester nears end, students need to prepare for final push

November 14, 2013

As hard as it is to believe, there are only three full weeks of classes left until finals.

This can be a stressful thought, especially looking at the syllabus and realizing there is a lot left to do. All those projects at the beginning of the semester that nobody thought about are now looming over and hitting students like 20 pounds of bricks. Now time is the worst enemy and the clock is ticking away, getting ready to hit zero on another semester.

We hear it every single year from professors, advisors and we even all tell ourselves, not to put off school work and projects until the end. Despite this, many students save too much work for the end. It is almost if some students take it as a challenge when their professor tells them that this project or paper cannot be done in one night and not to put if off. Yet every semester students everywhere stress themselves out to the max as they try to cram everything in at the end.

At this point it is easy to just try and survive until Thanksgiving Break and worry about it later. That is often the thought process nowadays, just worry about it tomorrow. We get it.

There has not been a break yet this year, and everyone is ready to be zombies for one more week and get to Thanksgiving Break, but that way of thinking could backfire on many students.

Tests are coming in hot and papers are due. This is the last big push until finals, but all that is on students mind is turkey and homemade pumpkin pie. However, if students do not put in hard work this next week, and decide to push it off until after Thanksgiving break, it will likely lead to little to no sleep with a side of stress and headaches for the last two weeks of classes.

With only two weeks until finals after break there is not any time left to put off work and just worry about it later. That part of the semester is long gone. We encourage students to seek help from professors, tutors, the writing center and to open up those dusty books that have not been opened all semester.

This next week it is important to do a little more work, try to finish one project or paper early. Anything will make it worth it in the end and you will thank yourself for it, we promise.

Yes, Thanksgiving Break should be used for rest, relaxation and some much needed re charging of the batteries, but even doing the bare minium of work over break will make it easier for the final push.

After all, once we all get into the workforce there is no such thing as breaks at all. The final push is back again UWRF. Seniors who are graduating in December enjoy your last ride and freshmen it is time to buckle up because its going to be a crazy and bumpy first ride to the end of the semester.