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Students reminded to show respect during concerts

November 14, 2013

In the past few months of concert going and performing, I have been disappointed by the actions of many concert goers in Abbott Concert Hall.

First the question we need to address is why we choose to go to a concert in the first place. Yes, some of us are required by our Music 100 classes (it is OK – it is good for you). Some are parents, families and friends who are there to support those who are on stage performing the music that they love and have been working on for weeks. Some are avid supporters of the music department here at UWRF. We appreciate those who attend our concerts and support us as musicians. We are thankful that many take time out of their evening to share the joy and love of music.

However, it becomes a big distraction when attendees are still on their electronics by the time the concert has started. When Siri’s voice mysteriously goes off at the end of an exciting piece, it is rude and can really ruin the mood the hall consumes and is really devastating.

Concert goers, please stay off your electronics during concerts. It is completely disrespectful to those performing and those trying to enjoy the music. Music is supposed to refresh, fill your soul, and make you think. Trust me; Facebook cannot do all of that.

In addition, if you must take notes, do it old school with pen and paper. There is nothing more distracting and annoying than seeing a bright light in your peripheral view when you are trying to focus on something else.

And finally, please do not come in or leave in the middle of a piece. If you haven’t noticed, the doors entering a hall are big and heavy. Their purpose is to hold in the sound, not to be slammed during the middle of a movement. If you are late, please patiently wait in the little entry way.

I want to thank all of those who have come (forced or not forced) to our concerts. We are always excited to see a full house the night of. With these minor fixes I know everyone who attends will not be disappointed.

Samantha Johnson
Student, UW-River Falls