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December 6, 2022




Students encouraged to represent campus positively

October 3, 2013

The next week will be an exciting time for the UW-River Falls campus.

This weekend UW Student Reps will be coming to campus and next week will be filled with community members, alumni and other guests for homecoming week.

Student Reps are comprised of presidents and vice presidents of Student Senates from around the state of Wisconsin. These Student Reps have five different meetings throughout the year, and this will be the only one at UWRF. This is the first meeting of the year for Student Reps, whose decisions affect 26 campuses across the state.

President Sam Tauchen and Vice President Anthony Sumnicht will be representing UWRF throughout the year with the goal of increasing awareness and relevance for our campus. We can do our part this weekend by being good examples of what we are about at UWRF.

Student Reps have alot of power in what happens on UW campuses, and students should be aware of what they are doing. It will be hold its meeting beginning at 4 p.m., this Friday, Oct. 4, and continuing at 8 a.m., on Saturday, Oct. 5.

We would encourage students to attend the meetings even though it may seem that the Student Reps are handling issues which may not seem like they are directly affecting us, but they are.

Homecoming week is full of some of the greatest memories any student will have at UWRF. There are events going on throughout the whole week, in which students should take the time to get involved. These are fun ways to get to know more people, have fun and come together as a campus to celebrate “Falcon Pride.”

Homecoming is a real unifying gesture for the community of River Falls and the campus. This is shown most with student organizations painting business’ windows downtown. There is also the parade that goes down main street on homecoming day.

This is a perfect time for people who have not seen our beautiful campus or who have never   experienced UWRF the way all of the students have.

With that being said we encourage students to be on their best behavior and be a good example of what us Falcons are all about.

From the artwork spread across campus, the close knit community feel and the overall atmosphere, any guest should be impressed.

We should take this chance of having visitors by giving them a friendly greeting and show them why we choose to go to school here. UWRF is our home and that is something we should all be proud of.


Josh on 03 Oct 2013: Actually, student reps has no statutory authority whatsoever. Whoops.