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July 1, 2022




Vote Dominic Riel for Student Senate president

April 4, 2013

On April 8 and 9 students will have a decision to make on who leads the student body next year. Each student will be sent an email with a choice on who they would like to be the Student Senate president.

In the last several Senate elections, approximately 10 percent of the student population has voted.   That is giving a lot a power to a few number of students.

Given that there is no traveling, multiple days to vote, and can be done via email (that all students have), there really should be no reason why students do not vote on a position that will directly affect every single student.

Given the magnitude, responsibility and job the president has, we feel that students should not take this vote lightly.

One argument for not voting is that students do not feel they know the candidates. We understand this completely and commend the Senate for holding a debate to introduce these candidates to the students.

However, since many students did not attend the debate, the Voice would like to share our reasons for supporting a specific candidate.

We strongly urge every student to support Dominic Riel as the next Senate president.

Riel has demonstrated poise and leadership as the current Facilities and Fees chair on this year’s Senate.

This was no easy task as Riel had to coordinate, work and meet with over 15 different committees across campus and come up with a reasonable budget in order for those committees to function.

This experience, we believe, gives Riel the edge over the other candidates as the president will have to work with a wide-range of interests and groups.

Riel possesses the qualities one would desire in a president. During every Senate meeting he is composed, offers insightful thoughts and always makes the decisions by keeping the students in mind. His presence commands respect.

However, whomever is president, we issue this dire request: clean up the AFAB funding process and eliminate the waste in student organizations’ budget. Let the money be spent or find ways to make it spent more efficiently.

Every year, including this one, the candidates talk about how they want to make Senate more visible. However, we find no evidence of this as only 10 percent of the student populations has engaged in voting for this important position.

Reach out to students and let them know that their voices will be heard and that the Senate is looking out for their best interests.