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August 17, 2022




Local elections, professional life equally important for UWRF students

October 18, 2012

The very first question in the last presidential debate on Oct. 16 had to do with college students facing a bleak job market after they graduate. It’s clear that higher education is an important topic in this election season.

However, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are not the two candidates who affect UW-River Falls directly. That would be the state senator and state assembly person. Do you know who the local politicians are in River Falls?

State legislators, for example, have done a lot to help improve UWRF. A big example of that is the eventual construction and subsequent completion in 2016 of the Falcon Center.
The Falcon Center has an estimated cost of over $68 million, $50 million of which are coming from the state. It was local politicians that played a big part in getting that money for the University.

Remember that local legislators are up for re-election. These are candidates who care about UWRF and the community and you can at least repay them by doing some research on the candidates before you go vote.

However, state senators, the national senators, and Romney or Obama aren’t going to be the reason you get, or do not get a job. That comes down to you as an individual. The economy is certainly the most important issue in this election.

The Career Fair just saw a few hundred students from UWRF interact with about 100 companies in a professional setting. It is worth noting, though, that the professional setting should not start and end simply with the Career Fair. Instead students should continue to be professional in their daily lives. You never know who is watching or who you will meet on the street someday.You only get one chance to make a first impression.

It is also important to keep note of being professional in social media. Whether they tell you or not, potential employers will be looking at your Facebook page.

Pay attention to the upcoming elections and do your research. These elections are just as important as the presidential one. It still comes down to you as an individual, though. If you don’t do your part to make yourself seem professional then it won’t matter who gets elected or what laws are passed.