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November 30, 2023




The importance of staying motivated

February 24, 2012

Spring semester is getting into full swing here at UW-River Falls, which means midterms are right around the corner. Maintaining a balance between staying on top of school work and relaxing is vital to a successful college experience. Proper health and fitness, staying motivated, and keeping a positive mindset are also are absolutely fundamental to academic triumph.

UWRF counseling services offers services in which you meet with a trained professional who can help you sort out issues, assist in decision making, and help you develop and achieve your personal goals. Counselors also teach you the life skills and coping strategies for handling challenges today and in the future. UWRF counseling services is located at 211 Hagestad Hall.

UWRF’s academic success center is available to students to assist them in becoming independent life-long learners through the development of study skills, as well as content help, by way of peer tutors and the incorporation of technology.