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November 29, 2023



Letter to the editor

Student lots require more attention

March 23, 2007

Over the last week anyone who has had to move their car out of the spot they parked it in before the first snowstorm has most likely felt the same frustrations as me. We have had to dig our cars out to go to work or run errands.

Sometimes this task was easy and other times it took well over a half hour to get enough snow out of the way so you could get your cat out of the parking spot. In a personal opinion, I was rather upset when I had to continually dig my car out of a spot to return and see someone else had parked in my cleared spot, and benefited from all my digging.

I am wondering, with the technology we have and the knowledge of the upcoming second storm coupled with the temperatures that partially melted some of the snow, why lots were not evacuated and properly plowed.

After the second snowfall there was left a pile of snow and a sheet of ice underneath. Coincidentally this can make for a real interesting time trying to move a car. I can remember when I was in my first two years here they would post a schedule for students to remove their cars and the lots where then plowed. This was a much safer and less stressful way of dealing with large snowfalls.

There is a potential when someone is trying to get their car out of a parking spot that they could actually catch traction and, if the tires are in the wrong direction, they could hit a vehicle parked next to them.

This could all be avoided if the lots were plowed. I am sure most students agree having to move our cars so someone can plow is much easier than digging our own cars out every time we need to go somewhere.

Melissa Leiterman