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December 6, 2023



Letter to the editor

Healthy options abound for campus

December 1, 2006

In Nicole Aune’s column regarding the lack of healthful options for eating here at River Falls and her statement that Rodli and Freddy’s need to change so we students can eat more healthily, I must disagree.

Yes, if you’re only looking at the burgers, fries and pizza, the caloric content is going to be rather high. Anyone who eats these things on a regular basis and is curious why they are putting on the “Freshman 15” was failed by whatever K-12 educational institution they attended.

At Freddy’s, there are cold sandwiches, yogurt and fruit available if you do not find the salad bar and soup to be adequate options. At Rodli, there is a massive salad bar and cold sandwich area. There also are reasonably priced exercise facilities within five minutes of anywhere on campus.

With some common sense and personal responsibility, it is extremely easy to avoid the Freshman 15. It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that this is somehow the school’s fault. You might be forced to eat at the school by the meal plan policy, but nobody is forcing anyone to eat foods they know will make them gain weight.

As for the reviews of “Borat,” I respect that neither reviewer thought the movie was great, but I just wanted to point out the intelligence of the movie that neither of them seemed to notice. The only group of people being made fun of, or “persecuted,” were racist people.

Borat is a caricature of an ignorant, homophobic, racist individual, and by acting as one, the people he encountered who truly were ignorant, homophobic and racist revealed their true colors to us. In a sense, they made fun of themselves.

As for the Jewish bit, do you honestly think a scene showing Borat and Azamat fleeing in terror from a geriatric Jewish couple’s home was meant to make fun of Jews, or those with anti- Semitic inclinations?

While there certainly was no shortage of juvenile humor, and there were a couple of people who did not deserve the humiliation that the movie has caused them, it was about much more than just being some kind of grotesque version of candid camera.

Brady Fosse