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Jenny Sippola

Jenny Sippola

08 May 2008

Final Senate meeting run by new leaders

Cindy Bendix was deep in slumber when she was elected president of the Student Senate for the 2008-2009 school year. Bendix was studying abroad in Italy as part of the International Traveling Classroom while trying to run a campaign back home. “I was incredibly excited. I didn’t have any idea that I won. I had […]

01 May 2008

Brewers fans need to lay off the beer

What many of you don’t know is that I work in the retail department at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. I sell T-shirts, hats and novelties out of a portable stand along the concourse. Nothing bothers me more than a drunk spectator coming up to my stand and demanding a deal for stuff. […]

17 Apr 2008

Special assistant to remain in position

Although Chancellor Don Betz is leaving his position this summer, the special assistant to the Chancellor, Blake Fry, plans on keeping his job. “I’m not in the process of creating backup plans,” Fry said. “When a new chancellor comes aboard and they indicate to me that they would like to make an administrative change and […]

13 Mar 2008

Wisconsin sports overlooked because of ‘Minnesota bias’

One of the most important things an aspiring journalist learns about the business is to be unbiased. Unfortunately the Student Voice is guilty of being slanted. You can’t blame it though. The whole UWRF campus has what I call a “Minnesota bias.” This paper somewhat reflects the student body, which is comprised mostly of Minnesota […]

21 Feb 2008

‘Great Debate’ takes place just in time for Wisconsin Primary

On the eve of one of the most important presidential primaries in Wisconsin history, the College Republicans, College Democrats and Socialist Alternative groups on campus participated in a debate in the University Center. The three groups discussed controversial topics: education and foreign policy, with an emphasis on the war in Iraq. Nick Carow and Dan […]