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May 24, 2024



Wisconsin sports overlooked because of ‘Minnesota bias’

March 13, 2008

One of the most important things an aspiring journalist learns about the business is to be unbiased. Unfortunately the Student Voice is guilty of being slanted. You can’t blame it though. The whole UWRF campus has what I call a “Minnesota bias.”

This paper somewhat reflects the student body, which is comprised mostly of Minnesota sports fans. As a result, the Student Voice has focused heavily on Minnesota sports.

Granted, this campus is only forty-five minutes away from the Metrodome, as opposed to the five hours or so from Miller Park.

It doesn’t matter. This is a University of Wisconsin school, and it should focus on Wisconsin, not just nearby Minnesota.

If you are from the southern part of the state, there is so much to look forward to and to be proud of, especially this baseball season. The Milwaukee Brewers are actually contenders this season, looking to lock up their first playoff spot since 1992. They came so close last year, but the Chicago Cubs left a bitter taste in their mouths.

The Brewers have the 2007 National League Rookie of the Year, Ryan Braun, and the 2007 National League home run leader, Prince Fielder, on their side. The additions of Mike Cameron and Eric Gagne boosts the potency of the Brewers’ offense and bullpen, respectively.

Do you know that Milwaukee even has a professional hockey team? I’m guessing not. The Milwaukee Admirals may not be an NHL team, but they won the AHL’s Calder Cup, the equivalent of the Stanley Cup, in the 2003-2004 season. The last time the Minnesota Wild (then called the North Stars) made an appearance in the Stanley Cup finals was 1991.

Not much can be said for the Milwaukee Bucks. They are not even close to being a threat in the Central Division, with a record of 23-40. To put it bluntly, they’re terrible.

But that’s not the point. The point is that the Wisconsin teams should have equal space in the news hole. It’s only fair. It’s only good journalism.