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May 30, 2023



Christine Marriott

29 Apr 2015

Student organizations can help build friendships

If you think student organizations were a waste of time or just a fun diversion while at school you are incorrect, they do much more for UW-River Falls students.

22 Apr 2015

Student Senate elects new leaders

The UW-River Falls Student Senate is the voice of the student body, speaking to the administration and making decisions that effect student’s education while helping students have the best experience at UWRF as possible.

15 Apr 2015

UWRF Spanish instructor shares passion for unicycling

Sometimes people are surprised to learn a professor might have skills in a totally unrelated area, different from the subject they teach. UW-River Falls Spanish Instructor Julie Kovacic has a passion for unicycling.

01 Apr 2015

Street parking for commuter students is worrisome

Knowing where to park legally can save commuters from getting needless parking tickets. Tickets can cost a lot initially but more if left unpaid. With the city, if the basic $25 ticket is not paid within 10 days, the cost goes up to $80.

25 Mar 2015

UWRF community responds to budget survey

The UW-River Falls administration is listening and considering a variety of suggestions from students and faculty alike. A "Budget Leadership Summit" was held on Feb. 25, which included the Chancellor's cabinet, college deans, the Academic Staff Council and Classified Staff Advisory Council, and Student Senate. The summit was to develop a summary of actions and cuts worthy of consideration.

11 Mar 2015

UWRF general education requirements change

Budget cuts to the UW System could be enacted in July, so UWRF is faced with the potential of a major cut from the state and must find ways to offset the loss of funds. One of the first financial figures students heard was a loss of $4 million in funds. Now, it seems the figure is estimated to be well over that amount.

04 Mar 2015

'Africa Night' unites UW-River Falls campus

"Africa Night" is held every February to wrap up Black History Month, and is hosted by the UW-River Falls Black Student Union (BSU). This year it was a full house, held in Kleinpell Fine Arts' Abbott Concert Hall. The hall filled up fast in anticipation of a good show.

04 Mar 2015

Classroom rudeness becomes overwhelming

How do you show disrespect for a professor and classmates in a class? Let me count the ways. Rudeness runs rampant in many classes every day. This issue matters because if we don’t learn manners now, our job prospects and personal outcomes could be dismal. I cannot remain silent any longer.

18 Feb 2015

UWRF Black Student Union invites all

With the racially-charged atmosphere in the U.S. lately, the timing is right to bring everyone together to celebrate black history and diversity.

11 Feb 2015

UW-River Falls physics professor reaches students

UW-River Falls professor of physics Rellen Hardtke could be considered a role model for women in science, a social activist, and now she is now running for a seat in the River Falls City Council.

Christine Marriott

Christine Marriott is a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.