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September 26, 2022



Laura Krawczyk

31 Mar 2010

St. Croix Animal Friends strives to promote education among pet owners

Once in a while there is something local that will catch my eye, something that sails under the radar until I walk right into it.  This time, I walked into something that loves the color purple and cares for animals-right […]

10 Dec 2009

As finals near, columnist offers ways to relieve stress

As college students we all know the world of stress. Along with the holidays and summertime, we anticipate (with much less enthusiasm) finals, papers, projects and for some, graduation. Deadlines create “dead” students: the zombie-like people who forget why they […]

03 Dec 2009

V-Day returns to UWRF

Now that it’s almost Christmas, let’s discuss Valentine’s Day. It’s that wonderful time of year filled with chintzy paper hearts and Mutant Ninja Turtle valentines. Thanks to the mercy of one student organization, however, there’s an alternative to spending another […]

19 Nov 2009

Concept of engagement ring dates back to Greek, Roman empires

Does anyone remember J.Lo’s ridiculous rock a few years ago?  That huge ring of hers, wherever it may be now, was her and her then-fiancé Ben Affleck’s way of telling whoever read the tabloids that their love was bona fide, […]

12 Nov 2009

Gift-giving can benefit those in need through micro-lending organizations

Goodbye, Halloween, excuse me, Thanksgiving and hello, Christmas. Whether we agree with it or not, the consumers’ world rings one theme now that November has topped our calendars: buy your way to Christmas. Reminders of what a failure the holiday […]

05 Nov 2009

Failing oven causes re-grouping among roommates, dining out

Exhausted and feeling the irritating pinch of hunger, I walked into my apartment. As I set my backpack down on the floor, a scent of burning mystery strangled my nose. One of my roommates gets off the couch and tells […]

29 Oct 2009

Typeface helps bring expression to text

Times New Roman: a fourth grade research paper that I plunked out all by myself. Bubblegum: when I figured out what that little arrow next to “Times New Roman” does while plunking out my other fourth grade research paper. Calibri: […]

22 Oct 2009

United Way brings good to others, self-satisfaction

All the cool kids Live United-and they are not just wearing a cool t-shirt.  When I initially heard of the Live United campaign, I thought the message was clear: it was a Beatles song I never heard of. I was […]

15 Oct 2009

Student-created 'Rise Up' advocates women's rights

There’s a repeating occurrence that always struck me as strictly college since freshman year: those lovely free condom tables in the University Center. The high school I graduated and fled from was not only very small, but very conservative. I […]

08 Oct 2009

Halloween costumes risqué

Not since the third grade have I paid this much attention to what I was to wear on Halloween. I recall those elementary days where I strutted around as a witch, a genie, and a militant army girl with a […]

Laura Krawczyk

Laura Krawczyk is a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.