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December 6, 2022



Taylor Kiel

10 Dec 2019

Physics department continues research in Antarctica

UW-River Falls is involved in two experiments in Antarctica. Surujhdeo Seunarine is a physics professor who specializes in neutrino astrophysics and theoretical particle physics. Seunarine has taken students with him to the South Pole to work on neutron monitors, where the IceCube project resides as well.

10 Dec 2019

Freshman class sizes in decline in recent years

The freshman class of UW-River Falls has decreased two years in a row. Some theories in the media include declining populations and more students choosing vocational skills training. However, not everybody agrees on this. Perhaps most are missing the real issue schools face: how do students know their education will transfer to a job?

20 Nov 2019

UW-River Falls hosts Summit on International Education and Engagement

UW-River Falls hosted a week-long Summit on International Education and Engagement. It was a week packed with events and activities focused around goal two of UWRF’s strategic plan: global education and engagement. The main idea of the Summit is to celebrate accomplishments related to that goal, and to make a statement that the campus is committed to maintaining the successes it’s had thanks to international students and study abroad opportunities.

Taylor Kiel

Taylor Kiel is a student at UW-River Falls.