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November 29, 2022



Jack Romanik

15 Nov 2017

On climate change and free speech

This article is written in response to an article by Lauren Simenson, titled "Publishing opinion pieces denouncing climate change can be damaging."

So we’ve gone over the cliff I had hoped to avoid.  One side is denouncing the other, in this case, I’d say without causation.  Target one, me.  Target two, a New York Times columnist.  Now, I find the comparison of myself with the New York Times journalist flattering.  I thank you for that. However, side stepping around the accusation that we’re climate change deniers is just plain insulting and dishonest, despite clearly implying it.  

26 Apr 2017

Demonizing climate change skeptics hinders scientific progress

In the current political climate, a particular set words is thrown around a lot: anti-science and the climate change denier. The two terms are, at the heart of the matter, insults proclaiming a person is irrational. The primary users of the terms are Leftists and those preaching that catastrophic climate change is imminent.

08 Feb 2017

Response to article on Professor Watchlist

In response to the previous article concerning the Professor Watchlist, let us dig deeper into the information present.

Jack Romanik

Jack Romanik is a student at UW-River Falls.