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November 28, 2022



Mark Huttemier

02 Dec 2010

Counselor offers difficult time tips

Here are some tips for deal with difficult times: Exercise reduces stress and fends off depression. Volunteering is an anti-depressant. A hobby is an energizing obsession. Learn from your past—don’t live there. You can think about the future but you […]

26 Mar 2009

Stability of childhood shapes life’s journey

Currently you are investing in yourself by being in school, and hopefully you see yourself as a worthwhile investment. The question is, on what day do you cash in your investment and reap the rewards of your hard work? Maybe […]

19 Feb 2009

Sporadic winter weather affects emotions

Here we go again. At some point in February we seem unable to resist feeling the weather has taken control of our mood. We are euphoric on a sunny and warm day and irritable on a cold and gray day. […]

05 Feb 2009

Passion plays an important role in balanced lifestyles

Do you have a passion? Is this passion a hobby of yours? Do you frequently get lost in pursuing this passion? I hope so because for many of us passion is the ingredient that has been missing from our lives. […]

04 Dec 2008

Suffering teaches acceptance of reality

By suffering through hard times we learn new strategies for life. Embrace a healthy OK’ness with suffering. Suffering is the only tool that leads to acceptance of reality.  People who avoid reality by running from their hard times have a […]

Mark Huttemier

Mark Huttemier is a student mental health counselor at UW-River Falls.