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September 26, 2022



Zach Hauser

16 Oct 2008

Republic of Lakotah requires national recognition

Today the situation in the Republic of Lakotah is a dire one. Having withdrawn from all treaties they are purportedly on their own in any domestic affairs. Corruption, drug use and police protected meth labs rank high on the list […]

09 Oct 2008

Native American treaties violated by United States

Today, life on American Indian reservations is a sad and horrid affair. Poverty runs rampant on reservations; in Wisconsin alone, 96 percent of natives living on reservations and working are living below the poverty line - a number so astounding […]

02 Oct 2008

Students fail to care about what matters

I was going to write this column about the $700 billion bailout that was rejected by the U.S. House of Representatives on Sept. 29. I was truly considering it, but then I started wondering why, and I came to the […]

25 Sep 2008

Branding battles result in billion dollar spending, product pushing

How many dollars do we spend annually on advertising, and to what ends? After asking myself this question I decided to try and get to the bottom of it. I did a quick Web search and found a Web site […]

18 Sep 2008

What went wrong with human evolution

What went wrong with human evolution? A coworker of mine recently wore a shirt with this same title, and it really got me thinking. The shirt illustrated the evolution from monkey to man with a man standing tall and holding […]

Zach Hauser

Zach Hauser is a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.