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May 30, 2023



Addie Carlson

13 Dec 2007

Workshop kicks off sustainable agriculture project

Sustainable Agriculture 101, a workshop taking place in January, will give faculty members at UW-River Falls an opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture and how to incorporate it into course content.

06 Dec 2007

Program to include professional development opportunities

The early childhood program is seeking approval to add to its program professional development opportunities.

06 Dec 2007

Grant provides scholarships for multicultural ag students

A grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides an opportunity for multicultural students to attend UW-River Falls to study agriculture.

05 Dec 2007

College stress often causes students to forget to have fun; rewarding yourself can make it easier

I hate college. It’s a phrase I find myself saying quite often in those moments of overwhelming stress.

29 Nov 2007

Students, cows adjust to DLC transformation

The Dairy Learning Center is up and running, but it's not without a few problems that have been addressed. Adjustments have been made or will be made to the facility, and student workers, professors and the cows have needed some adjustment time, becoming familiar with the new ways of working.

08 Nov 2007

Student shows passion for marketing dairy products, receives scholarship

A UW-River Falls student was awarded a $1,000 scholarship for her passion in marketing dairy products.

01 Nov 2007

Dairy judging team places high

The UW-River Falls dairy judging team has been placing high in competitions this semester, staying consistent with past years of competition.

11 Oct 2007

DLC ready for grand opening

The grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Dairy Learning Center will take place Oct. 12 after years of planning and almost one year of construction.

27 Sep 2007

Corn ethanol could possibly fuel the future

The issue of corn ethanol production as an alternative fuel source has been presented to the American public and is becoming a reality as an alternative for gasoline, despite some concern.

27 Sep 2007

Grant money opens doors for CAFES

UW-River Falls will begin a project in sustainable agriculture since being awarded a $460,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Addie Carlson

Addie Carlson is a student at UW-River Falls.