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August 17, 2022




Threatening letter captures attention of students, faculty

October 3, 2014

On Monday, Sept. 29, at 1:11 p.m., all students, faculty and staff should have received a somewhat enigmatic email from Karl Fleury, UW-River Falls’ chief of police, regarding an “implied threat” that did not target any specific person, group or location on campus.

“At this time the case remains under investigation and we have no additional information for release,” Fleury said on Thursday morning.

A printed version of the email is now taped to nearly every entrance in every building on campus. Hopefully all eyes have seen the campus safety alert and have taken it seriously. For obvious reasons, everyone on campus would not have received the alert if it were not serious.

This may come across like beating a dead horse, but we urge all students, faculty and staff to pay close attention for any suspicious or unusual behavior over the next several days as Homecoming and Family Day are this weekend. It is safe to say that we want all family and friends safe while visiting UWRF.

“In regards to Homecoming, there will be no impact to the events,” Fleury said.

The email explains that “the details of the threat are non-specific in nature,” but we can all imagine what the author of the threat has in mind, based on past human experience. Horrific events have transpired at universities all over the country in years prior, and with the help of our ears and eyes the UWRF Police Department and its staff will extinguish the threat.

It is unclear how long UWRF will be under high alert. In Fleury’s email he states that further information will be provided on its website, but, as of Thursday morning, the UWRF Police Department has not issued another statement.

No one on our staff, nor anyone we have spoken with, has noticed any “increased law enforcement presence on or around campus.” It is possible that undercover cops are scattered throughout campus.

We have been assured by Fleury that the UWRF Police Department does not “anticipate any changes to scheduled classes and events,” which is a positive sign for the safety of all students, faculty and staff.

This threat was categorized as a “high priority” in the email and the Student Voice staff believe that the threat such be treated as such.

Please feel free to write a letter to the editor at in regards to this implied threat. If you notice any suspicious or unusual behavior call 911 immediately from a non-campus phone, 9-911 from a campus phone, or 9-9-911 from a University Center phone.


Jay on 17 Oct 2014: So sorry we had to cancel our hotel reservations for the volleyball tournament since the stupid threats of bullets flying. Now the financial community will see the impact of such an act