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May 27, 2022




Student Life helps Phillips concert exceed expectations

November 21, 2013

A lot of hard work went into getting Phillip Phillips on campus for his concert last weekend and it turned out to be a huge success.

The Phillips concert was the most attended concert in the history of the UW-River Falls campus, according to Director of Student Life Paul Shepherd.

Just to get Phillips back after he could not make it for Finals Fest last semester, and work with his schedule to find a time to work for both sides was a big challenge by itself. The date chosen worked perfectly as not much was happening on campus that day. It ended up being a great thing for students to go out and get away from schoolwork for a couple hours as the grind of the end of the semester is here. We want to commend everyone involved, especially Student Life on a job well done.

The buzz around campus really caught fire the last couple weeks before the concert. Giant boards were put up all over campus, people began sharing the Facebook events from Student Life and Student Senate. Students all over were talking about it.

It all started with the participation of Senate to promote its Meet the Senate event and combine that with the concert. Meet the Senate ended up drawing a lot more people then anyone expected. More than 350 students attended the event. Senate gave out great prizes with the help of Student Life, and also had free food and drinks. It was encouraging to see Senate have that big of an event and be able to get that kind of interaction with the student body. It would be great to see them continue to make an impact and have attendance like that for all their events.

The concert itself went flawlessly. Knowles was set up fantastically, with everything from the stage, technical aspects, and having plenty of room for everyone at the concert to have a great view and be able to enjoy the concert. DUGAS started things off nice and then Phillips lived up to expectations and put on a great performance.

It is not by accident that everything went so smoothly. Countless hours of planning went into making this happen. If you enjoyed the concert we would encourage you to show appreciation for a job well done and also check out future events put on by Student Life. It really does a lot make campus life fun and exciting by working hard to put on events and many students do not realize how much work goes into everything they do.

We hope in the future more great events and success can come for Senate and Student Life. We also hope students will continue to go to the events and enjoy themselves as that is part of what the college experience is all about and without the participation like last weekend’s events then they would not be possible.