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December 6, 2022




Student Senate disappoints by increasing fees with large margin

March 7, 2013

Students living on campus with a meal plan next year at UW-River Falls will have to pay more money to do so.

Student Senate unanimously approved fee increases for all nine budgets which were requesting a fee increase for the next academic year. This increase means that students will pay $308.69 more next year than this year. This is not including any other tuition increases which could happen as well.

Our issue is not with the fact that all of these budgets passed Senate. The issue is with the ease in which the budgets passed. Only three of the budgets received any dispute, and yet the closest vote saw the budget pass by a margin of 21-2.

Given the current state of the economy, passing some of these fees so easily does not make much sense. While the increases for some budgets would be nice, some were unnecessary, such as the Kinni Outdoor Adventures, Dining Services and the Carding Office increases (to name a few).

Some of the fees may only have increased as little at 15 cents, but when added together, the amounts become much larger.

Some of these increases are meant to counter-act the lower enrollment rate for the University. However, we argue that enrollment would continue to go down if the prices to attend the University continue to increase.

It’s not that we are against all of the fee increases. We feel that some should have gotten more discussion about how the increases would affect the University in both the short and long term while also discussing how important some of the increases truly are for students on campus.


Paul Shepherd - Director of Student Life on 07 Mar 2013: Hi Student Voice! Thanks for your continued coverage of Student Senate and these important deliberations. I just wanted to clarify that some of the fees discussed such as Dining and Residence Life are user fees that only students who have a meal plan or live on campus pay. That grand total of $308.69 may be the total amount of increases voted upon, but it would be inaccurate to suggest all students would pay that additional amount. More discussion is always good, so thank you for your role in keeping students informed.