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Students should be aware of proposed fee increases

February 14, 2013

Next week at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 19, Student Senate will be listening to budget proposals brought forth by the Facilities and Fees Board (F & F).

This past Thursday, Feb. 14, F & F voted on 11 budgets, and the ones which passed will be brought before Senate.

Dining Services has one of the proposed budgets that will go before F & F and then, if passed, Senate. Dining Services is proposing a 5 percent increase to both the 14/week meal plan as well as the 19/week meal plan. The 5 percent increase would raise the price of the meal plans by a little over $100 per year. Even with these proposed increased fees, UW-River Falls would still have the lowest dining cost in the UW System, according to Dining Services’ projections.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) also has a budget up for submission. RHA is hoping to increase the amount of money which Resident Assistants (RAs) are paid throughout the year.
Obviously the additional pay for RAs would be added into the housing cost for students next semester as well.

At the Senate meeting, students can come to have their voices be heard about the proposed budgets.

Students should go and have their voice heard at the meeting because the proposed budgets, if passed, will have an impact on them.

Both for what the budget is for, in the case of Dining Services it would mean better food options, longer operation hours and maintenance of the dining areas (to name a few), and the additional cost which the students will have to pay.

Student opinion obviously has an impact on if the budgets will be passed or not. Frankly, if you disagree with an increase in segregated fees because of a specific budget request then you have no excuse to not go the Senate meeting.

The UW System is one of the few in which students have a say in the proposed segregated fees. With the economy in its current state, students should take advantage of being heard when it comes to their checkbook. It does no good telling your friends about how you either love or hate the proposed increased fees because unless they are on Senate, they can’t do anything about it anyway. Go to the Senate meeting and have your opinion heard.