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September 22, 2023



Letter to the editor

Opinions of previous letters concerning Governor Scott Walker seen as one-sided

May 4, 2012

On behalf of my fellow conservative students and myself, I believe highlighting some inconsistencies in previous letters is needed. There is a failure to explore major components in their information provided, and omission information creating an out-of-context report in previous letters to the editor.

First, the “War on Women” discussed by Harlen Menk of Ellsworth, is more accurately a devise, in addition, is currently used to deceive women to create division within our country, and Menk’s comments attempt to tie Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to free Wisconsin from the legislation that hurts Wisconsin business, to the media’s false war.

In fact, by repealing the Equal Pay Enforcement Act money would be saved, putting it back into the pockets of Wisconsin residents. As Senator Grothman explained, Wisconsin companies are bombarded with false accusations, “It’s an underreported problem, but a huge number of discrimination claims are baseless. Most of them are filed by fired employees, and really today almost anybody is a protected class.”

As a result, he articulates, many companies are forced to pay fired employees to go away, causing strain on Wisconsin companies to do business here.

It is unfair to tag women’s inequality to this effort to take out laws that inhibit Wisconsin growth; therefore, instead many praise them. Walker, along with others like Grothman, are working hard on creating an environment that promotes job growth and protects our small businesses and companies that provide those jobs.

I suggest to those who believe face value accusations zoning in on any specific portion of our population, do your homework, as history clearly reveals separation to concur is a device used throughout the ages. Clearly major media outlets have noticed this technique, and I for one am not going to be fooled by their tricks.

Emily Webber