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September 29, 2023




Students asked to remain patient during duration of Cascade construction

April 20, 2012

The Cascade construction is well underway, and it seems to be the general consensus among many students that the construction is a constant source of frustration.

With the loss of so many parking spaces so close to campus, commuter students are struggling to find parking spaces. Students who live off campus are obligated to navigate the fences along Cascade, only being able to cross at the prescribed walkways. Those who live close to Cascade have been complaining of tremendously loud noise and vibrations that feel like earthquakes in Wisconsin that result from the tearing up the pavement.

We would just like to remind everyone the construction will not be completed for some time. The projected substantial completion date is Oct. 12, 2012, though landscaping will continue until June of 2013. So those of you who are leaving River Falls for the summer will still be coming back to construction in the fall.

According to the UW-River Falls website, “Because this project bisects a campus with over 6,000 students in addition to faculty and staff, pedestrian crossings of Cascade within the project have been provided for. However, pedestrians will experience and should plan for some inconvenience. The contractor will be required to establish smooth, slip resistant, hard surface walkways across Cascade Avenue a maximum of two blocks apart. The crossings will connect with in place sidewalks to provide a continuous pedestrian path.”

Please respect all fences and obey all signs. The construction zone is an area with many hazards, some of which may not be evident to the general public. The construction zone will be monitored and any vandalism or tampering that occurs will be reported to the campus police for enforcement and prosecution as warranted.

To offer suggestions, please refer to the feedback link found on the project website. Additional updates will be provided regularly as the project progresses via Facebook and Twitter. Cascade Project website:

Please be respectful of the construction and the construction workers during the duration of this project. Be mindful of where you are walking and be sure to be entirely cognizant of your surroundings at all times.