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September 27, 2023


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Letter to the editor

Political decisions lead to successful recall

April 28, 2011

The campaign to recall Senator Harsdorf has been a resounding success in Senate District 10 of Wisconsin.  An historic event occurred when over 146% of the required signatures for recall were submitted to the Government Accountability Board in Madison.  Thank you to the hundreds of citizens of SD10 who volunteered to circulate the petition.  Thank you, also, to the thousands of people who sought out the petition to sign it.  There are a couple of things I would like to address to the public as a result of this experience.

It is critical to understand that this recall is not about Sheila Harsdorf, the person.  By all accounts everyone said “she is a good person”.  What is important to remember is that this recall is about Senator Harsdorf and her support of the radical Walker agenda.  Many people signing the petition said “I voted for her, but this is not what I voted for” (the removal of worker’s rights), and “I have called and e-mailed, and she won’t respond to me”.  Unhappy with the actions in Madison and unable to reach our Senator, folks signed the petition.  Harsdorf, our Senator, has made choices that many of her constituents are very unhappy with - so unhappy that they want to recall her.
Overall, the people opposed to the recall were civil in expressing their opinion – often with a “thumbs down”.  However, petition circulators were often met with intimidation, threats, calls to 911, name-calling, and vulgarities.  This nastiness was uncalled for, and to the people who behaved in this manner – shame on you.  To the fellow who said “Take down that flag – you’re un-American” I ask:  What can be more American than participating in the democratic process?

Nan Lambert
Town of Troy