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Construction leaves positive impact

September 16, 2010

Over the summer, extensive construction was performed on the UW - River Falls campus to fix problems and make improvements.

“There were many projects that were done over the summer,” said UWRF’s Maintenance Supervisor Mike Stifter. “Some of the major ones were the steam line replacement, office remodels, bathroom and classroom remodels in Rodli, carpet replacement on the main floor in the library, replacing windows in May Hall and in the east and west wings of Hathorn and replacing the heating controls in South Hall.”

According to Stifter, replacing the steam line was the number one construction project that was completed over the summer. The steam that is made is used to heat water, cook food, run sterilizers, humidifiers, pasteurizers, distillers and clothes dryers, along with its main job of providing heat for the buildings.

“There are three main things we are hoping that will happen with the replacement of the steam line,” said Stifter. “One, that the line’s reliability will improve and we will have to do less repairs; two, that the energy efficiency will improve because of the better insulation; and three that the system can be controlled easier.”

Most of the projects done over the summer are expected to have a positive impact on the environment and the University’s energy bills. The new windows in May Hall are expected to help the building retain heat during the winter. The new steam line is expected to efficiently distribute heat throughout the campus, saving energy and money. The new heating controls and windows in Hathorn will also help UWRF to save energy.

Although the fall semester has begun, there are still some projects that are incomplete. “The restrooms in Rodli were the one project that was delayed, they will open Sept. 13,” Stifter said. “Although there is still some construction around campus, nothing has affected classes.”

Students around campus have noticed the construction including 21-year-old student Laura Larson.

“I lived in River Falls over the summer, and when I was on campus then, the construction was much more obvious and in the way,” Larson said. “I think that they did a great job finishing most of the construction that blocked walkways or would have been loud and disruptive before the students came back to school.”

For more information on the construction performed on campus, you can call the Facilities Management Office at 715-425- 3827.