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Letter to the editor

Marriage shall be celebrated by all

March 27, 2009

The struggle for gay people to have legally recognized marriage is often mentioned in the news. California’s Proposition 8 banned gay marriage in that state, H.R. 1269 seeks to ban it nationwide; it has been specifically banned in Wisconsin’s constitution since 2006. I’m sick of this climate of not-so-thinly veiled hate. Are you?

It occurs to me that there is a simple yet significant way to show solidarity with my gay friends and neighbors. It doesn’t involve a whole lot of effort or risk, nor does it involve arguing with anyone. (Not that I would discourage anyone from effort, risk, or argument. I encourage it!) Just this: until people are free to marry who they please, with- out regard to gender or sexual orientation; boycott the institution of marriage. Completely. If marriage is not for them, then it’s not for me either.

For those of you who are on Facebook, there is a group called Boycott Marriage (http://www.face- book.com/group.php?gid=22 11719268&ref=mf). Perhaps it may be worthwhile to you to expend the effort of a couple mouse clicks to join it.

For those of you who are gay: I can’t think of anything more important in life than to fight for someone you love; for the right to love someone. Best wishes. For those of you who are not gay, what are you thinking?

Brent Hopkins, student