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April 25, 2024



Letter to the editor

Student holds issues with Voice

March 27, 2009

I would like to express my concern over the lack of coverage of the Student Voice at Student Senate meetings. There are many issues that have been dis- cussed as of late that has lacked the presence or coverage of this “newspaper.”

Your job is to keep the University community informed on such issues and by not delegating a reporter to cover our meetings you are doing everyone a great disservice. By not sending someone to cover the meetings, you open the door for misinterpretation and false allegations as those made by Aaron Billingsley two weeks ago.

The Voice is able to send someone to Public Safety so that they can get the highly valuable reading material that is the Police Blotter, but no one on the entire staff can cover the senate meeting?

In the past years when I served on Senate, the Editor has taken on this responsibility. It is my understanding that the person delegated to cover our meeting feels like it’s not their responsibility or their job to do so. There are many issues that students should be notified about that we are currently discussing including the $25 million auxiliary raid. I highly suggest the Voice works to rectify this problem.

There is also the issue of the editorial printed on March 13, 2009. To say that the Student Voice doesn’t believe in censorship is an awful excuse for the lack of fact-checking that occurs. I agree that checking every single detail is excessive, but when articles are submitted, I’m sure that the editor gets a good sense over which articles will stir the pot, so to speak. Why not save whatever credibility the Student Voice has left and rectify unfounded accusations and allegations in their writers’ columns? This newspaper as a whole, needs to work to maintain their journalistic integrity by doing what it’s meant to do—keep the university community informed.

On an ending note, I urge the Voice and any student to attend the Student Association Meeting on March 31st. This is an opportunity for students to address Senate with their concerns.

Lizeht De La Torre, vice president Student Senate