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December 1, 2023



Letter to the editor

America's blessed

May 4, 2007

Last week while I was reading the Voice, I came across a letter to the editor entitled, "What kind of generation will we be?" It caused me to think about what a great country we live in and how much we Americans take for granted.

Growing up, my dad was a pastor, and being of Hispanic background, he would try and reach out to that community. This included a trip to Mexico, where I witnessed first-hand the tragedies that many others in the world face today.

Here in America, we are extremely blessed, and as Mr. Sandey was saying, we all tend to complain quite a bit about things that don't always seem to go right, — whether it be the cost of tuition, the food in the cafeteria or why life isn't fair. Plainly stated, America isn't great because people complained. Rather, America is great because people sacrificed — time, effort, and even their lives.

Let's remember those who have sacrificed for us, such as the World War II generation. I certainly hope that when challenges come against us, we act as many of our grandparents and great grandparents did and work together to overcome them.

Eliud C. Tirado