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November 30, 2023



Letter to the editor

Reaction to Evans’ column unnecessary

February 9, 2007

I am astounded at this utterly unnecessary controversy surrounding Kris Evans’ sweatpants article. Since last week, hordes of women on campus have been parading around in sweatpants in defiance of the article in question.

The reason I am astounded is this: why does one guy’s opinion matter so damn much? Because he wrote an article? I don’t agree with his opinion, but I will defend his right to share it. Remember that this country is founded on the virtues of free speech, and since Kris is a student journalist, part of his job is pissing people off. Ever read a real newspaper?

Now about his petty, unimportant topic: I challenge the women of this campus to find one other guy that discriminates against sweatpants so harshly. The women of UWRF should realize that the rest of us (well, more or less) appreciate a girl with intelligence, humor and personality. I personally think that this controversy was artificially created by high-maintenance, insecure drama queens looking to assert their self-worth through arguing a useless non-issue instead of fostering real progress with something more important. Instead of banding together to protest ONE guy’s silly opinion, why can’t all these women protest something that’s actually damaging, like the Iraq War?

In the context of the supposed maturity of our age group, this entire controversy seemed tired out, unimportant, and juvenile from its very birth. Grow up.

Joe Hager