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November 30, 2022



Samantha Wenwoi

13 Dec 2007

Students reflect on the holiday season

According to the popular Christmas song, the holiday season lays claim to being “the most wonderful time of the year.” And with the results of a March Newsweek poll showing that 82 percent of Americans identify as Christian, Dec. 25 […]

06 Dec 2007

Ill professor given second chance at life

It just didn’t make sense to Salma Atroon. The wife of leukemia-stricken Kamal Adam, UW-River Falls assistant professor of agricultural engineering technology, could not wrap her head around the news that Adam’s doctor at United Hospital in St. Paul had […]

29 Nov 2007

Student receives fellowship to study alternative fuel sources

UW-River Falls junior Lee Massey is concerned about the world’s over reliance on fossil fuels to power sedans and SUVs. And with the prognosis looking grim for future coal, oil and natural gas supplies, he said he feels the time […]

08 Nov 2007

Students, faculty provide support to ailing professor

Room 163 in the Agricultural Engineering Annex on the UW-River Falls campus has had its door locked since early October. That is because the faculty member who uses the room as an office is battling an aggressive form of leukemia. […]

19 Oct 2007

Outstanding teachers of the year recognized by CAS

UW-River Falls faculty members Brad Caskey, Morgan Clifford and Karen Klyczek have left such a positive impression on their former students that they are being recognized for it by the University. All three were named the College of Arts and […]

11 Oct 2007

The Big Event returns to UW-River Falls

Don’t forget to wear your earplugs. On Oct. 13, the Wall Amphitheatre on the UW-River Falls campus will resonate with the sounds of wailing guitars, booming drums and soaring vocals as local and national musical acts gather to perform for […]

04 Oct 2007

Instructor brings global perspective to campus

For Monika Johansson, the seeds were sown early. As a child, she spent her summer vacations exploring the countries of Western Europe with her family. During grade school she gained fluency in three languages besides her native German: English, French […]

20 Sep 2007

Getting to know Betz, Foster

Summer vacation is out of the question if you are the head of a university. While many students at UW-River Falls spent time soaking up the sun and sleeping in until noon during the past couple of months, Chancellor Don […]

07 Dec 2006

Charge it: College students rack up credit card debt

A U.S. Department of Education study found almost half of all college students are inundated with credit card offers on a daily or weekly basis.

30 Nov 2006

China partnership offers research opportunities

Imagine waking up to the realization that you are at an altitude of about 2 miles above sea level. Just outside your bedroom window, the Himalaya Mountains can be seen in their full glory.

Samantha Wenwoi

Samantha Wenwoi is a student at UW-River Falls.