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February 5, 2023



Cassie Swenson

05 May 2011

Bucket list brings choices to summer

It doesn’t feel like it yet, but the summer season is slowly approaching us. First step is finals week, second step is sunshine. Hopefully in the next week, the sun begins to show us what its really got and bring […]

21 Apr 2011

Easter Bunny brings spring season

The Easter season is upon us. Since the Easter Bunny was created in the 1700s in Germany, candy filled eggs have been showing up around houses. A bunny became the symbol of Easter in the 1500s during the time of […]

03 Feb 2011

Legendary groundhog sees no shadow

Although this is a few days late, it is in my interest to inform you about Groundhog Day. Not only the history of the event but also the outcome of the 125th annual Groundhog Day. Phil the groundhog was taken […]

Cassie Swenson

Cassie Swenson is a student at UW-River Falls.