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Chris Rohling

Chris Rohling

Chris Rohling is a journalism major with a passion for storytelling in almost every medium.

03 Feb 2012

Experiences abroad immerse, enlighten traveler

I’ve never stepped foot out of the country in my entire life. Until now. By the time this is published, I’ll have been in the United Kingdom going on two weeks. I’m here as part of the International Traveling Classroom, one of UW-River Falls’s study abroad programs.

16 Dec 2011

Muddled, confusing plot holds back otherwise strong film

Secrets and information are probably more dangerous than any conventional weapon. In the political world, there’s nothing more powerful than having dirt on the right people, and J. Edgar Hoover wrote the book on it, then promptly shredded it.

16 Dec 2011

New email overhaul settled, reactions mixed

Returning students and faculty on the UW-River Falls campus will have noticed a major overhaul of the campus email system by now.

09 Dec 2011

‘The Muppets’ return with a bang

The Muppets are such a curious property. They’re often mistaken for something for the much younger crowd. They’ve appeared in all sorts of styles and genres, including baby form. They’ve already suffered through at least one failed revival and it will be interesting to see if the latest try sticks.

18 Nov 2011

Nation challenges students to volunteer

The 2011 campus “Champions of Change” challenge was recently announced in a press release from the White House. The program is being put on with collaboration from mtvU and MTV Act.

11 Nov 2011

Sobering consequences for drinking

Colleges have long been associated with parties, binge drinking and a bevy of other shenanigans. Students are made aware of the rules according to Johnson Hall Resident Assistant Dominic Sandmeier, but many do not know the ins and outs of the process or what happens with the money after a student is charged.

04 Nov 2011

Students value scholarships at UWRF

UW-River Falls celebrates students’ achievements and donors’ generosity with the annual UWRF Foundation Scholarship Recognition Event. This year’s event took place on Sunday, Oct. 30.

28 Oct 2011

Campus gets spooky, haunted thanks to History Club and Grimm Hall staff

While the rest of the world is gearing up for Halloween, UW-River Falls students will have some unique options when it comes to their pre-Halloween festivities.

28 Oct 2011

Robots deliver sucker punch

“Real Steel” takes the time-tested formula of the underdog story perfected by past films like “Rocky” and throws in fighting robots and estranged fathers.

14 Oct 2011

‘Supergods’ celebrates modern myths and classic heroes

Superheroes have been a hot commodity at movie theaters around the world ever since Christopher Reeve put on the familiar red and blue tights and made an entire generation believe a man could fly in 1978’s “Superman: The Movie.”