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Chris Rohling

Chris Rohling

Chris Rohling is a journalism major with a passion for storytelling in almost every medium.

01 Nov 2012

President seeks to further current plan

As election day comes ever closer, supporters of incumbent President Barack Obama are getting ready to cast their ballots; some of them for their first time ever.

18 Oct 2012

Play delivers unique character experience

A 50th anniversary production of Edward Albee’s deconstruction of marriage, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” will be taking place on the UW-River Falls campus in the Sanford Syse Theatre on Oct. 18-20 and Oct. 24-27.

11 Oct 2012

Ron Kind reconnects with campus community

Representative Ron Kind paid UW-River Falls a visit on the morning of Oct. 9. He attended a presentation from various members of the science faculty, about the importance of programs like the McNair Scholars Program, the Tissue and Cellular Innovation Center (TCIC) and other publicly funded ventures are to budding scientists.

27 Sep 2012

Judgeʼs decision on Act 10 renews conversation among UWRF faculty

A Dane County Circuit Judge’s Sept. 14 decision to declare Governor Scott Walker’s hot-button law to be unconstitutional has re-ignited conversations concerning collective bargaining and workers rights for UW-River Falls faculty and staff.

20 Sep 2012

Sophomore suites give unique on-campus housing experience

The first-ever students to reside in the Jesse H. Ames suites have started to settle in. After a year long construction project, the new building named after a former President of UW-River Falls has taken its place on campus. The building is specifically for students who are of sophomore status and are looking for an […]

20 Apr 2012

Experiencing Europe well worth the cost, anxieties

Vienna was the last stop in the International Traveling Classroom. While I wasn’t able to see too much of the city due to a massive amount of homework for one of our classes, what I have seen has been oddly reminiscent of the Twin Cities where I grew up.

06 Apr 2012

Learning the nuances of daily life in Italy

I’ve spent the last week in Italy, some of those days with and without the International Traveling Classroom. Three days in Rome with my girlfriend has turned into a week in the lovely Verona.

23 Mar 2012

Traveler discovers the importance of history in Europe

The International Traveling Classroom has spent quite a bit of time learning the history of Europe. We’ve talked about the Thirty Year’s War, countless numbers of monarchs and of course, the two world wars.

02 Mar 2012

Tourist bikes through Amsterdam

After getting a bit of time off where I went and visited my best friend who’s studying in Rome, I headed to Amsterdam to meet up with the rest of the International Traveling Classroom for another week of sightseeing and classes.

10 Feb 2012

Traveler learning life lessons while seeing landmarks in London

The International Traveling Classroom has wrapped up its second country already. It’s a bit odd. It feels like we’ve been here for at least a month and a half at this point, but we’ve really only been here for two weeks.