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Anthony Orlando

Anthony Orlando

Anthony Orlando is a math major and physics minor. He runs for the UW-River Falls cross country team. He once met Dan Auerbach and is a minor celebrity in Malaysia.

09 Dec 2010

Film tears human soul to pieces

This is the best movie I’ve reviewed this year. Here’s why: In April of 2000, Mark Hogancamp was dragged out of a bar in New York State and beaten so severely that he suffered irreversible brain damage and spent more than a week in a coma. Upon regaining consciousness, Hogancamp faced the loss of his […]

02 Dec 2010

Harry Potter generation connects film, books as series nears end

At this point, a review for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is probably pretty unnecessary. If you live on Earth, you spent the weekend of Nov. 19th either laying on your sofa, vaguely aware of another Harry Potter movie coming out sometime soon, or standing outside a movie theater for several hours in a […]

18 Nov 2010

Nail-biter tears up train tracks

I feel like I’ve become very jaded towards newly released movies. Mostly, I just like to poke fun at the gimmicky Hollywood junk that winds up on screen, completely unashamed of its birth from a movie company profit equation. But over the past several months, I have really seen very few films that have tightened […]

10 Nov 2010

Supervillain movie conveys mild entertainment, predictability

This is a fairly exciting time for me as a movie fan. There’s a new Coen Brothers movie on its way,  a new Darren Aronofsky movie coming down the pipes, Emma Watson is legal now (I think) and a documentary about one of my newly favorite bands is debuting in Minneapolis in a couple weeks. […]

04 Nov 2010

Film explores life after death

“Death is very likely the single best invention of life.” These words were spoken by someone at the 2005 Stanford university Commencement ceremony. Google it. You’ll probably be surprised. Watch the whole speech too while you’re at it. What the speaker was trying to get across was the idea that the uncertainty of death is […]

28 Oct 2010

Film fails to capture great horserace

The conference championship cross country race is coming up this weekend, so I figured it would do my competitive spirit good to seek out an inspirational film for this week’s review. That and my brake line exploded on the freeway last Tuesday, so I pretty much had to see whatever was playing in town. In […]

21 Oct 2010

Movie uncovers Lennon’s life

A good movie is like a ninja, and a bad movie is like that toolbag in your history class who answers every question really matter of factly because he’s desperate to show everyone that he’s super cool or smart. Good movies will distract you with what’s happening on screen, then silently sneak up from behind […]

14 Oct 2010

Revenge film shakes audience

You know that feeling you get when you trip and fall down a flight of stairs, or spectacularly crash on your bicycle, or catch an edge on your snowboard and fly head over heels down the slope of an honest-to-goodness mountain? And you just lay there dazed for a bit before you realize that you’re […]

07 Oct 2010

Reviewers have high remarks for film about Facebook’s origin

What is it that drives people to do what they do? Why does anybody do anything? Too often do movies of the same ilk as “The Social Network” try to attract an audience with the promise of showcasing an unlikely rise to power.

30 Sep 2010

Children’s film lacks interest, bores mature audience

My friend went ahead and pressured me into seeing (sigh) that “Owl” movie. Nevertheless, I went in with an open mind. It is a children’s movie after all. It’s gotta be pretty difficult to mess up a movie aimed at five to twelve year olds, right? “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” is […]