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November 30, 2022



Marta Olson

16 Apr 2008

A celebration of culture at International Bazaar

Every spring for the past 20 years, UW-River Falls has held an International Bazaar to share the cultures of the international students with the River Falls community.

10 Apr 2008

Falcon ruggers receive new sponsorship deal

The women’s rugby team on campus does as much as it can to help out the community and campus. Team members participate in Adopt a Highway and offer free services to community members for leaf raking, snow shoveling, painting and wood stacking.

03 Apr 2008

Education students to practice their dance moves

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is a game, a social activity, a dance, performance platform, a workout and weight loss tool as well as a classroom and workplace activity. Its appeal stems from a variety of factors: the game's challenges, the music, the movement, the workout and social interactions. Dance games are now found at home, arcades, fitness clubs, health centers, schools and workplaces.

03 Apr 2008

Textbook Services to move to Hagestad

Textbook Services is going to be moving from the basement of the Chalmer Davee Library to the old Freddy's dining hall, inside the former student center, Hagestad Hall. The move has been in the works for at least five years, since the plan was in the making for the new University Center.

06 Mar 2008

Coach looks to inspire athletes

Martha Brennan is one busy lady. She is a track coach, professor, wife and mother. She is known by her students and team to be dedicated and enthusiastic.

27 Feb 2008

Residence halls need to prove they are eco-friendly

The ECO club has made a challenge to the UW-River Falls campus. They want to create awareness about the amount of energy consumed and how it can be reduced.

Marta Olson

Marta Olson is a student at UW-River Falls.