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November 29, 2022



Miranda Ailport

14 Feb 2018

Student Juried Art Show highlights student's dedication and work

If you have walked through the lobby of the Kleinpell Fine Arts Center in the last two weeks, you might have noticed the latest art exhibition taking place. There is glasswork, photography, oil paintings, a graphic novel and many other different forms of visual art. The annual Student Juried Art Show has filled the walls with exceptional student work. 

07 Feb 2018

Vegan options are abundant in UWRF meal plan

I became vegan around four years ago. When I first started, I didn’t know what I was doing. I could eat fruits and vegetables, but what else?

A few times I went over to dinner at someone’s home and I had to explain awkwardly that turkey burgers were not vegan. Turkey is an animal. Vegan means that you don’t consume, wear, or purchase anything that contains animal product.

31 Jan 2018

No need to fear: you will survive the first week as a transfer student

Transferring midway through a school year proved to be a scary endeavor. It seemed like I would be coming four months late to the party. Everyone already set in their groups with their friends they met welcome week and everyone already knows all the professors and where the bathrooms are in all the buildings. I felt like I might get lost in the expanse of classes and extracurricular activities.

Miranda Ailport