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Hannah Lenius

Hannah Lenius

Hannah Lenius is a student at UW-River Falls.

21 Apr 2011

UWRF Finals Fest to feature national recording artist

UW-River Falls students heading to Knowles Center on May 5 will see pop star Jason Derulo, who is most famous for songs such as “Whatcha Say” and “In My Head,” and has toured with Lady Gaga. Although not an easy process, Dave Herdan, performing arts and lecture programmer for Falcon Programs said that, in the […]

01 Apr 2011

Japan quake touches exchange students

For UW-River Falls and its close exchange program with Japan, the March 11 earthquake failed to cause any harm to the families of the 14 Japanese exchange students currently enrolled. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake, one of the worse earthquakes in the country’s history, caused catastrophic destruction in the northern part of Japan, with less damage […]

10 Mar 2011

Madison Board of Regents approves Falcon Promise

After being approved by the Board of Regents in Madison last month, the Falcon Promise will now be implemented within the 2011-2012 school year. The Promise includes differential tuition, which will cause an increase in tuition. The Falcon Promise was created last fall by the university and will fund programs in four different areas. The […]

03 Mar 2011

UWRF program extends trips

Kinni Outdoor Adventures was caught off guard this year due to the popularity of its $5 day trips it started offering this semester. Considering this, Ryan McCallum, coordinator of Kinni Connections, explained that it needed more options for next year. Currently, KOA offers these trips that include equipment, lunch and travel to and from the […]

17 Feb 2011

Club sports benefit from new board

As of last fall, The Allocable Fees Appropriation Board is no longer apart of the budgeting process for club sports organizations. The responsibility is now under the Club Sports Allocation Board or CSAB, and it has been working out in the club sports’ favor. Board Advisor for CSAB Ryan McCallum said there is a huge […]

10 Feb 2011

Grade inflation causes concern

For the past thirty years, grades and grade point averages in private and public universities have risen significantly. With that, inflation with the education system regarding grades has risen in even the past decade, says Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Fernando Delgado. With a new semester in swing, students should be aware that […]

03 Feb 2011

Election set for faculty members to join teachers’ union

As a result of a survey given out in October, over 70 percent of the teachers on campus signed cards in order to move along with forming a union. There will be an election to form a union in either March or April with sponsor from the American Federation of Teachers. Geography and Mapping Science […]

18 Nov 2010

Parking Dept. strives to expand lots

As the population of UW- River Falls continues to grow, there are many areas that require expansion including parking, and parking is no exception. The Parking Department is looking to the future in order to expand its metered lots and parking areas for students.