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Jason Larson

Jason Larson

Jason Larson is a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

23 Mar 2012

American soldier reacts to Afghanistan deployment

Ideally in each chain of command the superiors of the unit have a good handle of the capabilities and limitations of their subordinates. Ideally they would recognize the signs of combat fatigue or stress and not deploy soldiers who are exhibiting these signs.

10 Feb 2012

Fighting sexism, why everyone should be a feminist

The other day in class I overheard two female students talking: “So, professor so-and-so took off his coat the other day before lecture and he was totally wearing a t-shirt that said ‘I’m a feminist.’” “Oh my God that is so funny!” “Yeah, totally! We asked him if it was his wife’s shirt and he […]

09 Dec 2010

Recent Korean artillery attacks concern several nations

With the recent artillery attacks adding on to an impressive list of provocative behavior by the reclusive nation, the question of what will happen on the Korean peninsula is becoming more and more pertinent. Frankly, it is about time that this conflict—one of the last remnants of the cold war—gets resolved. But what will this […]

02 Dec 2010

Changes to US domestic monetary policy creates international tension

I am really bothered by all of this news about Germany and China freaking out about our domestic monetary policy. For those of you who are unaware of what is going on, basically, the Fed decided to invest $600 billion into the U.S. economy which is known as expansionary monetary policy. Since you most likely […]

30 Sep 2010

History of U.S. relations with Iran contributes to current issues

It would sound far too arrogant coming from me so as per Michael Cox, professor of international relations at London School of Economics and Political Science, Americans simply just do not understand Iran.  As an American I can understand why.  Iran behaves in ways that seem illogical from an American perspective. It is hard for […]

23 Sep 2010

Gross misunderstandings riddle New York mosque controversy

Clearly this issue is going to be with us until at least the end of election time and since the debate has continued I feel that it is appropriate to address some misconceptions I have been hearing. Starting with Islam itself: The Quran is a religious text which, like all religious texts, has an almost […]